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Singapore Shopping

Singapore Shopping – Get Blessed With Convenient Shopping And Interesting Deals

By offering more than 250 shopping malls and many other shopping outlets, Singapore has become the shoppers paradise of Southeast Asia. The visitors from all parts of the world have an aim while visiting the city to witness the much talked about shopping practice. Individuals from all age groups participate in shopping, which is no less than a spirited sport in the city. So, here is a useful shopping Singapore guide to help the first time visitors.


What to Buy

* Art and craft items and books are among the products that can be found purchased by people from different countries and cultures.

* Carpets are among the bestselling products in the markets of Singapore. 

* Cosmetics and perfumes are like mandatory items, once you visit the Singapore shopping hubs with big shopping bags in hands.

* You may also prefer to buy the very popular crystalware that is famous around the world.

* Computers and other technology-based products are other most sought-after products for shopping in Singapore. Hi-Fi equipments, digital cameras and video cameras form another set of shopping products in the city’s marketplaces.

* Designer clothes for men and women from different age groups and children apparels are also appreciably available in the markets of Singapore.

* Home furnishings, souvenirs, sports equipments and golf accessories can be purchased after a great bargain.

* Jewelry and watches in huge variety are also available at the shopping outlets in various parts of Singapore. Also, you would love to choose from the amazing variety of toys available.

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Where to Buy

* Shopping malls in Singapore are designed to provide a facilitated shopping experience to the city visitors. Spacious car parks, nurse facilities and baby rooms are accommodated by these malls to let you enjoy your shopping.

* Supermarkets are the best places to purchase imported goods from various countries. Jasons Market Place, Paragon Market Place, G’Value and many other supermarkets in the city are worth visiting.

* Wet Markets in Singapore offer a uniquely different shopping experience. You can visit these places to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken and pork.

Apart form above mentioned shopping in Singapore places, you can also visit the departmental stores, flea markets, bazaars and exhibitions to spend some wonderful hors shopping.


Areas to Visit

* You can visit Arab Street to purchase finest quality fabrics, perfumes and natural essential oils imported form other countries.

* Orchard Road is the hub of top-notch shopping malls and hence, you can visit the area to purchase electronic goods, cosmetics, shoes, clothes and everything else

* DFS Galleria Scottswalk can be visited to purchase luxury products from the leading brands.

* For herbs, spices, painted masks, clothes and cosmetic, you can pay a visit to Chinatown.

* Ornaments, traditional clothes, electronic consumer goods and other items can be purchased from Little India.

* Bugis Junction, Sim Lim Square, Peninsula Plaza and many other places are worth visiting for a complete shopping experience. 

You are advised to carry some extra money to entertain the uncontrolled shopping interest, triggered by shopping places in Singapore. Don’t be surprised if you leave the city with one or two extra bags.


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