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Singapore Money and Costs

Singapore is much more expensive than other South-East Asian countries, which may come as a shock if you are travelling on a shoestring budget.

You can still stay here without spending too much money, as long as you can forego the temptation to run amok in the shops or indulge in luxuries you may have craved while travelling in less-developed Asian countries.

Its possible to stay in Singapore for US$25 a day, if you stay in hostels and eat cheaply. If youre staying in mid-range hotels and eating at good restaurants, US$80 is a more realistic daily minimum.


Singapore dollar

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Budget: US$3-12
Mid-range: US$12-20
Top-end: US$20 and upwards


Budget: US$15-30
Mid-range: US$30-100
Top-end: US$100 and upwards

All major credit cards are widely accepted, although youre not going to make yourself too popular after a hard bargaining session for a new camera if you then try to pay for it with your Visa card.

ATMs are widespread, although its probably still a good idea to take cash and travellers cheques for emergencies. Youll find moneychangers in shopping centres all over Singapore.

Tipping is not usual in Singapore: expensive hotels and restaurants may impose a 10% service charge, and a gratuity is not expected in excess of this. Bargaining is falling by the wayside, but tourists should still expect to haggle for luxury items and souvenirs. It is unnecessary to bargain for everyday goods or transport.