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Singapore Lifestyle

A Survey taken in 10 countries rated Singapore the East Asian country with the best quality of life for expatriates. Fortune Magazines list of best cities rated Singapore as the second best city in the world in terms of quality living.

Singapore provides a safe environment, wide choice of housing, first-class medical services and excellent education, all of which ensure a high standard of life. Being globally connected, Singapore has an extensive telecommunications network that is complimented by state-of-the-art computer systems.

Public transport in Singapore is comparable to the best in the world with buses and the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) servicing almost every corner of the island.

Although Singapore is a multicultural society, English is the main working language.

Its strategic position in Southeast Asia and a large international community makes Singapore truly cosmopolitan, a stew of the best of east and west makes for an ideal place to live in.

Singapore has one of the highest living standards in the world. All manner of goods, necessities and luxuries alike, are readily available.

Local Customs

Singaporeans respect those of age and seniority, regardless of ones ethnic background.

Different ethnic groups have different naming systems and adopt different ways of addressing others. The Chinese use family surnames that precede their given names, while the Malays and Indians do not have surnames but are referred to as son, or daughter, of their father.

Cash gifts in red packets known as ang pow are given during auspicious occasions by the Chinese. The amount of money must be in even numbers and only unmarried individuals receive red packets during the Chinese New Year.

As a religious prohibition, Malays refrain from eating pork. Avoid giving or serving any food to Malay-Muslims which contains pork or which is not marked "halal". alcohol is also not acceptable. Some Malay-Muslim women wear a headscarf.

Indians consider the cow a sacred animal and do not eat beef. Indians who are Hindu are mostly vegetarian. Leather gifts are taboo items and the use of the left hand when eating is inappropriate in Indian tradition.