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Singapore Asian Airlines Business Class

Singapore Airlines Business Class – Experience A New Ride

Singapore Airlines is based at Singapore Changi Airport and is a popular airline service in different parts of the world. A number of innovative and security features have been launched by the airline company in past many years that have further helped it to build the brand value. As a result, the company has been honored with top ranks and a number of awards in aviation industry.

Singapore is known to welcome business travelers from all over the globe and is one website that provides useful information about the website. You can visit the website in order to learn about hotels, business ideas, lounges and other phpects of the city.

This discussion needs special mention about Singapore Airlines Business Class. So, here are some good phpects related to it.

New Business Class

The New Business Class is the refurbished version of the old configuration and has been installed in aircrafts like A380, A340-500 and Boeing 777-300ER. The cabin layout is just perfect to provide great space in between the seats. The business class seats are wide enough to make the passenger feel like resting on a comfortable sofa. Here are some other quality features of these seats:

One can unfold the seats to convert them into long beds that are comfortable enough for a good sleep.

Light duvet, pillows and linens are some of the additional features to ensure proper rest for the passengers.

Apart from this, one can find himself surrounded by a number of facilities like in-seat power supply and USB ports. So, it is a perfect business cabin setup for the passengers. Business software programs are added advantages to make you work on your laptops. In addition, the 15.4inch LCD private screen can take care of entertainment needs. Amenity kits are also offered to the passengers.

Experience the Taste of Food

The menus for foods have been prepared by the well-known chefs to meet the tastes and preferences of travelers from various countries. On top of that, one can enjoy the restaurant-style dining to add to the great experience of dining in air. Adjustable table heights can further add to your enjoyment for food.

Entertainment in Air

With business class of Singapore Airlines, one can expect world-class entertainment facilities offered to the passengers. The wide LCD screens can be used to reveal audio and video on demand. A number of movies and television shows can be viewed from the comfortable seats. Apart from this, one can explore the music albums as many as 20 radio channels for extended entertainment. Krisworld entertainment brings you the on demand games and a suite of business software to provide you with entertainment platform while traveling with Singapore Airlines.

So, the conclusion is that the business class of Singapore Airlines offer unique services in the fields like seating, food, entertainment and overall comfort. Also, one can experience the advantage of private space offered to him or her. It can be an eligible business trip for business travelers to travel through Singapore Airlines.