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Melbourne Doing Business

Melbourne – Business And Investment Hub Of Australia 

Melbourne is a favorable destination for setting up business as it is an important business and investment hub of Australia and has a sustainable economy that supports growth of various industries and businesses. If you have already planned of doing business in Melbourne, you must know about certain phpects that may have a significant bearing on your business decision.


Workforce at Melbourne

Melbourne boasts of having a highly talented and skilled pool of people. The reason behind the availability of such an emerging pool of degree holders is the presence of eight major universities of international reputation at Melbourne. Around half of the local residents of Melbourne have either earned a graduate or a post graduate degree. Number of students comes from different countries to pursue their education in Melbourne who form a significant part of Melbournes workforce.


Connectivity of Melbourne

Melbourne is a well connected city and has a sound transport and logistics infrastructure in place. It receives and departs more than 400 international flights a week from its curfew free airport, largest in Australia and operating round the clock. The Port of Melbourne is connected to more than 300 ports around the world. The channels of road and rail transport are also highly developed to take care of passenger as well as freight needs.


Retail Opportunities at Melbourne

The state government has launched Melbourne Retail Strategy in 2006 in a joint initiative with the City of Melbourne. The strategy aims at making Melbourne an international destination for retail outlets. Clothing and fashion retail outlets have been observed to be leading crowd pullers to Melbourne. 

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Melbourne Business Etiquettes

People at Melbourne are very friendly and informal and greet each other with a handshake. Professionalism calls for making appointments with business partners and associates in advance. Meetings are conducted punctually and require one to be dressed up in formals. Long business meetings are preferably scheduled at lunch hours.

Most of the executive population at Melbourne is seen to be working 5 days a week from 0830 to 1700. People like calling each other by first names. And if you are invited for a dinner at someone’s home, a bottle of wine can be a good gifting option.


Business Overview

Melbourne is among top few business destinations can be proved fro the fact that it houses headquarters and R&D hubs of some of the internationally acclaimed companies such as Cadbury-Schweppes, Ericsson, NEC, BP, Kraft, etc. Melbourne is known as a ‘research capital’ for it has R&D units of several companies. One can also observe research and manufacturing activities of leading international IT and communication players such as Fujitsu, Siemens, IBM, Hewitt Packard, etc in Melbourne.

With the Australian economy booming and Australian government planning new initiatives, Melbourne is definitely one of the most upcoming business destinations around the world.


Greeting someone in Melbourne

On the whole, people in Australia are informal and greet each other with a handshake.


Tipping advice

In general it is not customary to tip in Australia though this is slowly changing, particularly in larger cities. In some restaurants it is standard practice to leave a gratuity. The usual amount is between ten and fifteen percent. Discretionary tips to hotel staff, taxi drivers and other service personnel are also on the increase. It is certainly a friendly gesture to pay a little on top of the bill if the service has reached the required standard.


Melbourne dress code

Formal attire is usually worn for business purposes although the warm summers have led to some flexibility allowing shorts with smart shirts, with or without a tie. Casual smart attire is perfectly acceptable everywhere else with perhaps a tendency towards slightly unconventional dress in the most fashionable restaurants, bars and clubs.