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Victoria Harbour Residence

3 Bedroom Serviced Apartments Hong Kong | Hong Kong 3 Bedroom Apartments

HKD 92,900 per Month

  • 3-Bedroom Apartments - 1,420 Sq.ft
  • 3 Bedroom Suite (1420 sq.ft) , 2 Bathroom
  • Fully furnished and equipped kitchen

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HKD 375,000 per Month

Rosewood Residences

Self-Rating:    starstarstarstarstar
  • 3-Bedroom Apartments - 2,476 Sq.ft
  • Three Bedroom (2476 sq.ft) , 3 Bathroom
  • Fully furnished and equipped kitchen

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HKD 144,000 per Month

Hong Kong Parkview

Self-Rating:    starstarstarstarstar
  • 3-Bedroom Apartments - 2,010 Sq.ft
  • Studio + Executive (Connecting Suite) 3 Bedrooms , 3 Bathroom
  • Fully furnished and equipped kitchen

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HKD 32,000 per Month

  • 3-Bedroom Apartments - 700 Sq.ft
  • Special Suites with Roof Top or Outdoor Terrace , 2 Bathroom
  • Fully furnished and equipped kitchen

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HKD 240,000 per Month


Self-Rating:    starstarstarstarstar
  • 3-Bedroom Apartments - 1,653 Sq.ft
  • Three-Bedroom (1,653 - 1,921 sq.ft) , 3 Bathroom
  • Fully furnished and equipped kitchen

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HKD 62,900 per Month

Vega Suites

Self-Rating:    starstarstarstarstar
  • 3-Bedroom Apartments - 1,560 Sq.ft
  • Three-Bedroom , 2 Bathroom
  • Fully furnished and equipped kitchen

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HKD 179,400 per Month

Gateway Apartments

Self-Rating:    starstarstarstarstar
  • 3-Bedroom Apartments - 2,270 Sq.ft
  • 3 Bedroom Suite , 2 Bathroom
  • Fully furnished

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HKD 226,600 per Month

Four Seasons Place Hong Kong

Self-Rating:    starstarstarstarstar
  • 3-Bedroom Apartments - 1,867 Sq.ft
  • 1,867 sq.ft. , 2 Bathroom
  • Fully furnished and equipped kitchen

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Affordable and Elegant Rented Apartments in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in the world. It is also a very prominent center for global business. Millions of people travel to this country every year for tourist or business purpose from different parts of the world. Irrespective of the reason of the visit, one thing that every traveller looks in a foreign country is a hygienic and comfortable accommodation during their stay.

The first thing that comes to the mind with regards to accommodation is 'hotels'. There is no dearth of outstanding hotels in Hong Kong offering supreme facilities to the travelers. However, some changes in the trend could be noticed here. Now-a-days, there are plenty of Hong Kong Serviced Apartments, which are giving the top hotels the run for their money. And visitors too are ditching the hotels with these state-of-the-art serviced apartments that provide all basic the amenities to them. The rooms are available on rent and provide all the facilities that you would require when on a business trip or vacation alike.
You can easily find these rented apartments in close proximity to the airport as well as the local transportation facilities. Also, they are close to the leading business and shopping centers, which is a great add-on for the visitors. The facilities include -

  • One/two/three bedroom suites situated at hot locations
  • Leisure and health - gym, spa, swimming pool, etc.
  • Good food at reasonable price
  • Fully furnished, equipped kitchen and study
  • 7 days Laundry and Housekeeping service
  • National and international calling
  • Wi-Fi, Fax, IDD, HDTV, etc.
  • Ready transport facility for commuting
These serviced apartments are really liked by the tourists as well as business travelers. They offer all the facilities that one would get in a hotel at much cheaper price. Whether you want to visit Hong Kong for business reasons or want to explore the beauty of the country as a tourist, these fully furnished apartments make for a perfect stay.

If you`re looking to live in Hong Kong or visit the Hong Kong area for an extended period of time, the most convenient way to have a comfortable stay is to rent a apartment. Move and Stay allows you to find easily Hong Kong apartments, whether you`re looking for serviced apartments. Many of our Hong Kong serviced apartments come with full accommodations, including a full kitchen and a lounge.

In order to provide the most convenient service, Move and Stay helps you find Hong Kong apartments for rent with our easy-to-use apartment locator. Simply fill in the required information and search for your Hong Kong apartment.

Moving elsewhere in Hong Kong? Check-out our apartments for rent in Hong Kong. Also consider our Hong Kong serviced offices.


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